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Tiago Peixoto

Tiago Peixoto har en PhD i statskundskab, og er Senior Public Sector Specialist ved Verdensbankens Governance Global Practice. Peixoto blogger på DemocracySpot.[1]

Verdensbanken skriver om Peixoto:

"Tiago is a Senior Public Sector Specialist at the World Bank's Governance Global Practice. Having joined the Bank in 2010, Tiago's activities focus on working with governments to develop solutions for better public policies and services. Prior to joining the World Bank, Tiago has managed projects and consulted for a number of organizations, such as the European Commission, OECD, United Nations, Bertelsmann Foundation, and the Brazilian and UK governments. Formerly a research coordinator for the Electronic Democracy Centre at the University of Zurich, Tiago is currently a faculty member of New York University's Governance Lab. A board member for Our Cities Network and Intelligent Digital Avatars, he also sits in the advisory boards of a number of organizations such as The Participatory Budgeting Project and Our City Thoughts. Featured in TechCrunch as one of the "20 Most Innovative People in Democracy", Tiago holds a PhD and a Masters in Political Science from the European University Institute, as well as a Masters in Organized Collective Action from Sciences-Po Paris. He blogs at DemocracySpot and tweets at @participatory."

Peixoto skriver på sin LinkedIn profil:

"18 years of hands-on experience in citizen engagement, public sector performance and digital government in developed and developing countries. Has worked with, among others, European Commission, OECD, World Bank, Department of Communities and Local Government (UK), Brazilian House of Representatives, Minas Gerais State Legislature (Brazil) and Bertelsmann Foundation. A Brazilian national, holds a PhD in Political Science, two Masters (Sociology, Political Science) and a BA in International Relations."

Fulde navn: Tiago Carneiro Peixoto

1. http://blogs.worldbank.org/team/tiago-carneiro-peixoto


Citizen Engagement: Emerging Digital Technologies Create New Risks and Value

Af Tiago Peixoto og Tom Steinberg, Verdensbanken, 10.2019.


"The recent rapid evolution of digital technologies has been changing behaviors and expectations in countries around the world. These shifts make it the right time to pose the key question this paper explores: Will digital technologies, both those that are already widespread and those that are still emerging, have substantial impacts on the way citizens engage and the ways through which power is sought, used, or contested? The authors address this question both to mitigate some of the World Bank's operational risks, and to initiate a conversation with peers about how those risks might require policy shifts. The overall framing question also is being explored in case theapproaches to citizen engagement advocated by the World Bank are changing and may require different advice for client countries. Despite the lower technology penetration levels in developing countries, their more malleable governance contexts may be more influenced by the effects of emerging technologies than older states with greater rigidity. Digitally influencedcitizen engagement is, in short, one of those "leapfrog" areas in which developing nations may exploit technologies before the wealthier parts of the world. But countries can leapfrog to worse futures, not just better ones. This paper explores what technology might mean for engagement, makespredictions, and offers measures for governments to consider."

The Time for Engaging Citizens in Democracy Is Now

Af Hollie Russon Gilman og Tiago Carneiro Peixoto, New America Weekly Edition 173, 10.08.2017.

Stigende polarisering i den politiske debat og faldende tillid til det politiske system og til de offentlige demokratiske institutioner, har ført til desillusionering med demokratisk styre; borgerne føler sig frakoblet den politiske beslutningsproces. Forfatterne spørger i artiklen om denne civile desillusion kan afhjælpes af demokratisk innovation, og svarer selv at borgerbudgettering har potentiale.


Tiago Peixotos blog på DemocracySpot:

13 Citizen Engagement Stories from Around the World

Af Tiago Peixoto, DemocracySpot, 11.11.2014:

Over 40 Papers on Crowdsourcing for Politics & Policy

Af Tiago Peixoto, DemocracySpot, 25.09.2014:

Now the paper: Evidence of Social Accountability Initiatives

Af Tiago Peixoto, DemocracySpot, 24.09.2014

Social Accountability: What Does the Evidence Really Say?

Anmeldelse af Jonathan Fox' rapport af samme navn, af Tiago Peixoto, DemocracySpot, 13.05.2014:



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